Why is it necessary to go through a social media agency?

A social media agency provides you with the skills and in-depth knowledge of the mechanics of all social networks and their intrinsic characteristics via the communication levers Facebook & Instagram & LinkedIn & Pinterest. Build your web marketing strategy according to your ecosystem, develop your notoriety with these targets (B2B or B2C), create conversational around your brand, set up an inbound marketing strategy ... whatever your development objectives, this web agency must be there to accompany you in the construction of your marketing voice strategy and its implementation.

 What does our social media agency offer?

As a consulting agency in digital strategy, we accompany you with a turnkey offer, relevant to achieve your social media objectives. Whether you want to generate notoriety for your image, gain popularity, acquire new followers, generate commitment or transform your community into loyal customers, optimize your targeting, our social media agency will help you to implement your project. The digital support service is organized in several steps: 1 - Audit of your situation on social networks and competitive analysis of your strengths and weaknesses compared to your main competitors. This step allows us to check that your objectives are consistent with your audience and the actions already carried out. We then identify the room for improvement and the corrective actions to be implemented. 2 - Co-construction of an editorial charter that will guide your brand message on all media and in all content that will be published. We will also define the tone of voice, the tone used to exchange with your community. 3 - Definition of the right channels for your social media strategy: It is not necessary to be present on all networks to reach your targets. You risk generating confusion and losing commitment. It is better to be present where your community is. You will gain credibility! 4 - Creating the content for your editorial schedule. It can be posts with images, video, podcasts ... but also other media that will create engagement in your community. A good example is the timeline contest. It allows you to collect entries via the posts, comments and likes on your page. In addition, we take care of your reputation by answering questions and comments from your community members and keeping a constant watch on what is being said about your brand. We also give you the benefit of our network of influencers and bloggers who will allow you to relay your messages to a wider and highly qualified audience. 5 - Development and monitoring of social ad campaigns to increase the visibility of your brand but also to target new prospects. Whether it is Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads ... we realize advertising campaigns on any type of network and use all the capabilities available to develop your brand and your business. These Facebook ads are then coupled with your website and your E CRM in order to capitalize on all the budgets invested in social ads campaigns and other sponsored links.
What are the services of a web agency?
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