What are the services of a web agency?

Faced with the explosion of the web, no company can afford to stay away from new technologies. Today, there has been a sharp increase in the number of companies that have specialized in the web to meet the specific needs of professionals. But what are the different services of a web agency?

In which cases to call upon a web agency?

More and more firms are calling on a web agency to set up their project. We will give you a short list of the main services offered by this web expert:
  • the realization of a graphic design: conception of a visual identity, a graphic charter, etc.
  • the creation of websites, development and management: e-commerce site, showcase site, portfolio site, etc.
  • responsive design integration: to adapt your site to different screen shapes, the agency can also develop mobile sites, responsive sites and mobile applications
  • referencing: to improve your positioning in search engines
  • the hosting of the site
  • setting up online communication: netlinking, etc.
  • computer graphics
  • and animation on social networks

How to choose your web agency ?

You don't know which provider to turn to? For a successful web project, the choice of a good agency is essential. To do so, you must take into account its experience, know-how, reputation and rates. So, do not hesitate to find out about its previous services and consult its references. Do a search and check that the companies mentioned exist. Afterwards, ask yourself the following questions: is the ergonomics interesting? Is the visual appealing? Has the service provider already carried out a project like yours? In addition, you also need to find out about the team that will take charge of your project: what are the functions and expertise of each employee? Who will be in charge of the project? Will he or she be reachable at all times? Finally, take a look at the company's terms and conditions of sale: what services are included in the price? Does it offer instalments? If there is a problem, will maintenance be free or not?

How do I request a quote?

Before giving a quote, the web agency will ask you questions about your business, your expectations, etc. to better understand your needs. In order to reduce the time spent on this first meeting, it is advisable to draw up a specification before the meeting. In most cases, a detailed estimate will be given to you afterwards. It must at least contain the following information: the presentation of the box, the definition of the project and the objectives to be achieved, the deadline for the project, the conditions of sale and the transfer of rights. Note: The creations of a web agency are subject to copyright. Therefore, draw up a proper contract to protect yourself from possible disputes. And before signing, read the clauses carefully.
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