Original and personalized promotional gift ideas

The experts in promotional items offer a wide selection of business gifts that can be adapted to all the expectations of companies. Do you want to seduce your customers and employees? Offer them something unique. Are you short of ideas? Here are a few tips on how to find the ideal model.

Promotional items: what are they for?

Whatever your activity, a corporate gift can quickly boost your sales. Indeed, it is a good way to communicate with your targets, to mark their spirit, to reward them, to build loyalty, to push them towards the act of buying, etc. The advantage? These promotional gifts are customizable, so you can add your logo, slogan, advertising messages or images of your choice, for example. Moreover, if they are well done, you will get a better visibility among your employees and their entourage. It is also a very effective tool for conveying a message, especially if you opt for objects that are useful in everyday life. Finally, luxury gifts reflect the upscale image of the establishment and enhance the value of the products distributed.

What type of promotional gifts should you offer your target?

First of all, it should be remembered that the choice of a promotional gift is based on several criteria: - the target: pregnant women, businessmen, teenagers, etc. - the company's activity: the object in question must enhance the box and must be in line with its activities - usefulness: an object that is useful in everyday life offers greater visibility because it will be used by the receiver wherever it goes. Example: The USB key will be needed every time he will transfer data. - the budget: some goodies are more expensive than others. A budget for this promotional campaign should therefore be set from the outset. Then, to surprise the recipients for sure, choose an original and modern gift. There is no shortage of ideas: custom-made sunglasses, hand spinner, wine cork, mug, etc. Moreover, at the moment, you can find unusual high-tech objects that will certainly flatter the receivers: webcam protection cover, wooden USB key, smart watch, magnetic phone holder, USB cup warmer, geolocator key ring, Bluetooth audio adapter, hub, speakerphone, tactile light mirror, nomadic battery, desk lamp, etc.

But how to make a success of personalization?

As far as size is concerned, it would be better to turn to practical and light objects that will fit easily in a pocket or bag. That way, prefer a size that doesn't clutter up. As for colour, it should match the logo and slogan. And as much as possible, it should highlight the graphic charter of the establishment to promote visual appeal.
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