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Despite the marketing usefulness of social networks and the use of new communication channels, goodies are still relevant. Essential in the advertising sphere of companies, whatever the sector of activity, they are rooted in the daily life of prospects. Practical, they prove to be beneficial and very useful. But companies that opt for object personalization have many other advantages by calling on the skills of a good specialist.

Who can and when can you entrust the making of your objects to a professional?

Designed for private individuals (customers), a personalised product fulfils various missions. Among other utilities, it increases its visibility. In general, the company contacts a professional in the manufacture of these accessories, who has the indispensable tools to meet its needs. That said, commercial establishments are not the specialist's only clients. Local authorities also request him, for example for an awareness campaign or to popularise a measure. Associations are also among the clients who offer themselves the services of a specialist in the manufacture of a personalised advertising object. A wide variety of articles can be created through the collaboration between the legal entity and the specialist: writing products, notepads with the company logo, stress balls, personalised T-shirts, advertising caps, etc. They are manufactured to meet specific needs. Therefore, their distribution does not depend on the mood of the entrepreneur. They are unveiled to the public during singular circumstances, during a street-marketing operation as an example. For good reason, this event aims to introduce the company to a wide public. The entity can also take advantage of a trade show or a conference. However, nothing prevents it from carrying out this operation without waiting for a date. It can offer advertising objects to its suppliers, customers and partners to perpetuate the relationship.

How can I approach an experienced manufacturer?

The techniques for creating a personalised object abound, and so do the products that result from it. A company or an association focuses exclusively on its activity, it plans to increase its turnover. As a result, it may not have mastered the methods of designing these products. Therefore, the intervention of an expert is indispensable. Moreover, the professional contacted, with many resources and experience to draw on, offers solutions adapted to the profile of the establishment. Finally, he ensures that the close relationship between the company and him on the one hand, and between the structure and its customers on the other hand, is strengthened. However, as in the case of vehicle imports, not all specialists in the manufacture of advertising goodies perform equally well. In order to avoid the scam trap, you should investigate the service provider. This involves questioning the forums, reading the opinions of its former customers, meeting with them if possible and questioning its network of partners. Your provider needs to be creative. He should keep up to date with the latest trends, fashionable materials and models, etc. Also analyse their methods: do they take care to get to know your establishment before proposing solutions? Do they make sure they know the history of your establishment? This approach gives him/her the opportunity to discover the avenues to be explored in order to create tailor-made advertising objects.

Hitting your target better at lower cost

Contrary to popular belief, the manufacture of advertising objects dates back neither to the 20th nor the 21st century. Its origins date back to the 1700s, in particular to the first Industrial Revolution in Europe. At that time, cigar rings were already being used as marketing accessories. Later on, other equipment proved to be practical: personalized bags, advertising calendars, etc. In the opinion of specialists, the creation of personalized objects remains more effective than the Internet portal, which does not guarantee efficient targeting. Moreover, it easily promotes the repetition of a message, brand recognition and memorization of a company name. In contrast to digital advertising with its constant and repetitive diffusion, which can annoy the recipient, the design of advertising objects maximizes your chances of better reaching your target without drowning it in a flood of information. It prevents you from losing customers. In addition, it makes a lasting impression. In addition, offering an advertising gift contributes to saving on the company's communication budget. Generally, service providers offer interesting discounts when ordering bulk products. However, in order to benefit from these advantages, it is advisable to choose your articles carefully.

How to choose your advertising object ?

Advertising goodies are an extension of an establishment's activities. However, they are a double-edged sword. Well thought out and of high quality, they are the pillars of its promotion. On the other hand, poor quality advertising goodies will not be used by prospects. The communication strategy will be a failure. What's more, customers might think that the structure's services are of poor quality. Its reputation would be tarnished as a result. Hence the importance of choosing its original advertising object carefully. How to choose? Clearly define your target and adapt yourself to its needs. Offering USB keys or phone covers to seniors is not necessarily the best option. These items would rather suit a younger and more connected target group. Also choose your products according to the message you want to convey. If you're attending a student high-tech trade show, rather than offering personalized pens, consider a connected speaker or back-up batteries. Your target will be more receptive to the communication. Another technique consists in associating advertising objects with the possibilities of digital technology. On social networks, ask your target population directly for the original advertising object they want. They will feel included in the marketing process and your articles will be all the more relevant.

What gifts to offer to gain visibility?

For an establishment, an advertising gift is a quick and inexpensive way to gain visibility. Whatever the item used, it must not only correspond to the needs of the target, but also be in harmony with the event during which it will be presented. To welcome participants and attendees, simple goodies such as logoed bracelets can be provided. But they should not be made of gold or silver. Instead, opt for thin plastic for the personalised advertising object, which will make it easier to fit into the recipients' daily lives. Caps and t-shirts distributed at a professional or artistic event, such as a concert, are also an excellent option. They offer the possibility to diversify one's advertising strategies. Also think about key rings and USB keys draped in your own colours. They are used to convey the brand and image of the establishment. In order for these products to attract the public's attention, it is important to focus on their aesthetics, design and theme. It can be useful to be inspired by trends. A customised product with motifs reminiscent of nature, fruit or jungle style will become a trendy item in 2019. They fit in perfectly with the decoration of customers' interiors and offices. Increase your customer base by personalizing your items.
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