How to increase the traffic on your website?

A good web marketing campaign must bring you enough traffic to increase the number of your visitors and, consequently, that of your turnover. In this article, we will present 3 effective approaches to increase your traffic and generate qualified leads to your website.

1-Work on your SEO sea

Paid referencing is one of the most powerful tools to get more sea leads that you can turn into sea leads. First of all, a sea campaign consists in promoting your site through a campaign on Google AdWords. This tool, created by the search engine, allows you to display an advertisement to better reach your target. You can opt for this technique and generate qualified leads whatever your budget, knowing that the investment required for your campaign is determined according to the cost per click (CPC). Now let's look at the difference between a lead and a prospect in a paid search engine optimization strategy. Both are the sales contacts that your ad would have attracted. The difference lies in their degree of maturity, in other words, in their ability to become customers and make a purchase. With a well thought-out e-marketing campaign, you can increase your traffic and make more sales.

2-Propose quality content

Paid advertising is not enough to attract a large audience to your website. You should also do everything possible to generate seo leads. They will become your customers if you apply a proper SEO strategy. More and more seo leads are being acquired with items that meet their expectations. Once on your site, the visitor has to find an answer to the problem he encounters. So make sure that your texts present relevant information and that they are above all airy, structured and thus easy to read. To do this, spread your ideas over different paragraphs that follow a logical sequence. Avoid filling out and boilerplate formulas to demonstrate your seriousness and establish a relationship of trust with your audience.

3-Check the technical performance of your site

Did you know that a visitor rarely waits more than 3 seconds to download a page from a website? Therefore, even when offering content with real added value, the technical properties of your platform are a key element to increase your traffic. Think then to establish an ergonomic audit to check the speed and reactivity of your pages one by one. In addition, it is important to take care of the design. Choose an attractive and above all professional Template to inspire confidence and solicit either a subscription to the newsletter, the filling of a form or the purchase of a product.
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