Advertising agency and visual communication

Communication professionals to create a visual identity and to take care of the E-reputation.

Web agency and graphic design

Web agency and graphic design

The web is an essential media tool, take advantage of it!

There are many ways to boost your visibility on the web: showcase site, merchant site, advertising banner, e-mailing campaign.

Having a website is no longer enough with the emergence of social networks that have become essential to a good marketing strategy. Your presence on social networks must be part of your global communication.

Finally, if you want to grow your business online (and offline), developing a solid web marketing strategy is a must! Moreover, it is not just a matter of doing a few actions here and there in the hope of being first on Google and doubling your turnover in a few days. Essentially, you need to take the time to think about a coherent and effective digital marketing strategy by visiting

Social network design

Social network design

Social networks must be valued for a company. The graphic design of your media contributes to the enhancement of your brand image.

Poster Flyer and Greeting Card

Poster, Flyer and Greeting Card

There are many printed materials available for promoting a business such as flyers, brochures, posters, magazines and business cards.

Gift boxes and promotional items

Gift boxes and promotional items

Gifts for the end of the year or other: gift boxes, corporate gifts, personalised gifts, advertising pens and personalised notebooks.

Communicate with your target

The tools that make up visual communication

USB flash

Promotional gifts and USB flash drives

The advertising of business gifts can be done via the personalised and trendy USB flash drives.

Flash Animation and Illustration

Flash Animation and Illustration

Professional graphic designers offer you their multimedia services for an original visual identity via flash animations and video and audio content.

Catalogue and paper production

Catalogue and paper production

It’s good to think about paper. Social marketing, is also an effective communication channel.

Logo creation

The creation or evolution of your company’s logo must be carried out by communication professionals since it will determine your visual identity and brand image with your customers.

Graphic charter

The graphic charter is the DNA of your visual identity, it is a visual reference point and a set of rules that will define the way you will communicate. It will ensure the coherence and harmonization of all your communication media whether paper or digital.

Web realization

To boost your visibility, your presence on the web is essential. The realization of a website for your company is not a secondary task since it participates in the development of your customer’s loyalty, in permanent search of visual solicitations.

Web realization
Catalogue and paper production 2

Advertising banners in several formats

A banner ad must contain a message that is clear, concise, intriguing and engaging.

Provision of stand

Custom website creation

Creating a website for your business has become essential because it allows you to increase your turnover and reach more potential customers. The creation of a custom website like Slogan De Pub, needs to meet a very precise and rigorous specification in order to satisfy the customer’s needs and improve its visibility.

Graphic creation

Graphic design refers to the design process by which communication is created and the products that are ultimately generated.

It encompasses identity (logos and brands), publications (magazines, newspapers and books), advertising and product packaging. Composition, shapes and colours are the most important characteristics of graphic design.